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               About me.

Ever since I was a very small child, I have held a deep love of spirit and have always been aware of, and able to interact with otherworldly beings, nature spirits, faeries, as well as ancestors, ghosts and other things. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a family of psychics and seers, (although many of them would not call themselves that) and as I was surrounded by tales of my families supernatural experiences my own were in turn accepted and seen as nothing unusual.  My first deep experiences of nature spirits in particular consciously began as a four year old when I undertook  instruction by an apple tree spirit in my grandmothers back garden. I can still remember much of his words, and his advice and wisdom has stood the test of decades. This gift, I would later discover was called the ‘second sight’ or ‘Seership’, by my Celtic ancestors.  

By the time I was thirteen I initiated myself as a priestess of nature, and a green- or hedge-witch, studying as much from Spirit, my allies and guardians as from any books and teachers I could find. I found great knowledge and insight was to be found in our British and Irish folklore and mythology, which to me always held obvious practical applications as a wider spiritual and magical tradition. I now realise I was drawing from my own past life experiences as well as every source of knowledge around me to align with my chosen path as effectively as possible. By the time I was eighteen I joined an Old Craft coven, where I underwent my three initiations, emerging at twenty as a third degree priestess. During this time I studied Gardnerian and Qaballistic magic as well as the Old Craft, but my personal studies of the Celtic traditions continued unabated and developed into a deeply shamanic personal practice that encompassed much of what is now considered to be the Faery faith; working closely with the powers of the land and our otherworldly cousins. During the next few years as well as writing occasional articles, fiction and poetry, and continuing to learn from others in the craft, shamanism and related disciplines, I also began to teach a few students their first steps into witchcraft, and performed a small amount of initiations for those who were suitably advanced. I found myself working extensively with space clearing and earth healing, helping to send unhappy and destructive spirits onwards to their rest and assisting magically in many environmental causes, both locally and globally. I also began to work with nature spirits for healing, using old ‘cunning man’, druidic and shamanic techniques in the making of flower and vibrational essences, herbal and elemental talismans etc. I also began to perform crystal healings, working with the spirits of stone and earth.

As my practice matured I realised how important it is for humans to spiritually and magically interact with the other life forms that surround us, and that Faery and powers of place, in all their manifestations, require our conscious presence for wholeness as much as we need theirs. Thus a balance is kept and the flow of energy from Source out across creation is maintained. Without this flow of energy or ‘life force’ much that is encountered as illness, pollutions, or ‘wrong action’ takes a hold, but when the flow is restored, healing and empowerment spontaneously occurs an all levels.

At twenty seven in 2001 I moved to Glastonbury, undertaking an indefinite period of service to the god and goddess of this most sacred of landscapes. I continued my personal practice, as well as gaining further training in Reiki, druidry, and consolidating my work with nature spirits and the making of vibrational essences with their assistance. I also began to regularly teach workshops on magic, Celtic shamanism and Faery. My first workshop, at the big green gathering festival was an initiation in itself for me, teaching a full marquee of nearly 70 people. I was thrilled to find that this provided a transformational experience for many of those present, with far reaching results that continue for them to this day. However, every workshop since then has been even better and has been less nerve-wracking for me!

In 2005 I was blessed by the opportunity to open a faery space dedicated to Glastonbury’s local Celtic god Gwyn ap Nudd, as part of the sacred space of the White Spring. This began a year of priestessing at the spring by facilitating open Sabbat circles honouring the wheel of the year, as well as monthly full moon ceremonies and open ceremonies and workshops dedicated to working with Gwyn and the faery and ancestral beings present upon the Tor. To my knowledge I was the first priestess of Gwyn, to publicly officiate at Glastonbury Tor, his traditional home, for over two thousand years, and I consider this to be a great honour.

In 2008 whilst continuing my teaching and healing work, and the manufacture of my vibrational essences, now available as ‘Flower power vibrational essences’, my first book ‘nature spirits-wyrd lore and wild fey magic’ was published, and my writing became much more prolific. I am now published regularly in several pagan and spiritually orientated magazines, which provide a further avenue to serve spirit and my allies by  passing on the knowledge and experience I have gained in over 22 years of continuous magical and spiritual practice. I also continue my own magical and spiritual education and development, which I consider to be a lifetimes long pursuit. I feel deeply honoured and grateful for my gifts and the life I am living; to be holding and passing on a tradition, and to be surrounded by so much wonder and magic, feeling  so much awe every day at creations majesty, especially when the world and the human race is going through such challenging times. I do not feel separate from the challenges we all face today, but I feel comforted by my allies, my otherworldly cousins, and my alignment with nature, and my intention is to serve spirit and assist all creation with the inner treasures these have brought me. We are all sparks of the divine, we are all wonders of creation, and it is my honour to use my gifts to help all those who come to me to see this for themselves, and find their own ways of developing this, our collective destiny.

Blessed Be 
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