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Essence blends- 
available in sprays or drops.
available direct from me danu@danuforest.co.uk or go to www.flowerpoweressences.co.uk.

Soothing and rescue blend.

Makes you feel better, great for children and to treat shock and upset, short or long term. Contains; Avalon apple, Rose quartz, hawthorn, White and pink Yarrow, violet, Buttercup, Holy thorn, chalice well, lavender, Magog Oak, Evening Primrose.


Happy Children.

A general combination for all a child’s ups and downs, to sooth, encourage, empower and protect. Calms tantrums.  For confident and calm kids of all ages. Contains: Angelica, Rose Quartz, bluebell, buttercup, violet, apple, cherry, evening primrose, sunflower, rowan, primrose., rosemary, lavender, hawthorn, chalice well.


Prosperity and abundance.

A combination to attract prosperity and abundance. Aligns with positive and solar energies, the planet Jupiter and the cornucopia of the goddess. Aids tenacity and confidence, over turns negative patterns, supports growth. Contains; Moneyplant, citrine, lapis lazuli, blackberry, buttercup, bluebell, oak, cherry, apple, sage, rowan, sunflower, birch, chalice well.


Sleep Well

A combination to promote peaceful sleep and relaxation. Also encourages good dreams and peaceful outlook. Suitable for both children and adults.  Contains:

Chalice Well, Selenite, rose Quartz, Apple, Silver, Yew, Lavender, White Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Moonstone, amethyst, evening primrose, smokey quartz.


Energetic Detox.

A combination to detoxify clear and renew the energy field as well as refresh mental and emotional programming. For positive changes and to rebalance the sources of dis-ease before they develop. Contains: Sage, Garlic, Rosemary, White Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Hawthorn, Holly, Oak, Apple, white bluebell, white yarrow, silver, Willow, citrine, blackthorn, amethyst ,rose quartz..



A combination to encourage confidence, empowerment, and a positive outlook. Contains: Bluebell, buttercup, apple, cherry, sunflower, rowan, alder, violet, clear quartz, citrine, white yarrow, pink yarrow, oak, sage, yew, hawthorn, rosemary, blackberry, white bluebell, white violet, ash..


Well Woman.

 A combination to assist the goddess within. to support, balance and empower feminine energy in all its many stages and facets.  Contains: Oak, Rowan, Apple, Hawthorn, holly, Evening Primrose, Wild Rose,  red rose, Rose Quartz, White Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Chalice Well, Willow, Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst, Yew, sage, moonstone, forget me not, ochre, cherry, primrose..


Well Man.

A Combination to empower, balance and renew masculine energy. Increases effectiveness ability and potency in all its forms. Contains:  gog Oak magog oak,, Alder, Ash Hawthorn, Blackberry, Holly, Sunflower, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Yew, sage, Cherry, smokey quartz,  jasper, rosemary, white spring, butercup, thistle, salt, ochre, rose quartz, bloodstone.


‘The magic ingredient’ for body, food and drink.

A combination to build life force, especially helpful added to food and drink which so often lacks vital energy. Helps digestion and balances physical energy. Also assists repairing mild eating and digestion problems. Revitalises and re-energises. Helps lower chakras. Contains:

Rosemary buttercup, sage, garlic, evening primrose, apple, sunflower, hawthorn, blackberry clear quartz,  jasper, bloodstone, rose quartz


Healers Blend.

To assist healing and healers, of all kinds. To balance, restore, support and help access to healing energies, and vision of the healed and perfect self. Contains; Rose quartz, Angelica, Buttercup, Willow, Chalice well, white yarrow, pink yarrow, sunflower, Apple, oak.   ­


Visionary- for clairvoyance and scrying.

A combination for seership ,  clairvoyance, scrying, dreamwork, readings and oracles. Can be added to drink, Anointed on the third eye and / or divination tools.. Contains; Violet, white violet, Rowan, white yarrow, silver, amethyst, malachite, Selenite, herkimer diamond, moonstone.   


Clearing & Protection.

Clears and transforms negative vibes and ensures they will not return.

Contains; Holy Thorn, Sage, Garlic, Angelica, Rowan, White and Pink Yarrow, White Bluebell, Buttercup.


Faery friends and Green Allies.

To attune to the faeries, plant devas, tree spirits and guardians of sacred sites. Excellent for earth healing, Environmental clearing, gardening and as offerings. Contains; Avalon Apple, Red Rose White Rose, Hawthorn, Chalice Well, White spring, Green Aventurine,  Malachite,, Sage, Angelica..


Ancestral Connection.

To access to wisdom and guidance of the ancestors, to assist in healing ancestral lines and contact those who have crossed the veil. Can also be used at sacred sites . Contains ; Ochre, sage, chalice well, white spring, yew, oak, hawthorn, white rose, red rose, rosemary, bloodstone, white yarrow, rowan, forget-me-not. 

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