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The Druid Shaman
available from

A sound, practical introduction to a complex and wide-ranging subject. Danu Forest's guidance chimes closely with my own experience of working with spirits over many years. Integrating folk traditions, literary sources and archaeology with contemporary practice, Danu combines visually strong and spiritually apposite ideas with sensitive advice concerning our relations with spirit, as well as working with sacred sites. As Danu says, how we perceive the spirits we connect with as Druids does make a difference.

Having been plugging the notion of Druidry as the native 'shamanic' tradition of Britain and Europe since 1974, it's good to see that it's increasingly catching on, not only amongst fellow Druids, but also amongst archaeologists.  I believe we are heading in a direction that links us very firmly with the spirit of ancient Druidry. This is what I call rekindling the sacred fire of Druidry, and I believe Danu Forest's 'The Druid Shaman' will play a part in this rekindling.

Philip Shallcrass -'Greywolf'  Chief of the British Druid Order. 

Another slim volume. Can't be much in that, you might think. And if you do, you would think wrong. This is an introduction to a complex subject and to write a primer with such clarity as this author has done requires a deep understanding of the subject and an equally deep understanding of how to communicate that to others.

Working beyond the boundaries of this world requires lifelong dedication; it is a journey that requires slow and careful steps. The rules, such as they are, are simple and mostly about respect. Yet once learned and exercised they provide an endless variation of possibilities, opening up a vast series of worlds through which you must learn to navigate. Guides, both human and otherworldly, will help you, but you must do this for yourself. You must do this with caution. You might say, 'I don't not mind what happens to me,' and in doing so you will have missed the whole point. It is not about 'me', but about your relationship with others and the effect you can have if you do not tread with care. I particularly enjoyed the emphasis in this book on balance, on personal responsibility, and on service.

That is why this book introduces you to the basics and no more. You have to make the journey; you have to establish a relationship with the worlds beyond and those who live there. No one else can do that for you and there is no system beyond what you will learn here. You can read more deeply into the subject if you wish, but that won't make the journey any easier. There are no secrets beyond the one revealed in this book; the secret that is in plain sight and which I have already repeated. It is your journey and your relationship. You can only learn more about that by doing it, by journeying as often as you can.

Clear and unpretentious, based on good and thorough research as well as sensible practice, and full of sound advice; you really do not need any

other introduction to this subject.

Graeme Talboys author of 'The druid way made easy' , 'The path through the forest', and 'Arianrhod's dance- a druid ritual handbook'. 


Highly reccomended. The Druid Shaman, as the title may suggest, looks at shamanism from a specifically Druid perspective, and its place as the ancestral shamanism of Britain and Europe. The book begins with an introduction to the Celts, Druids, what a shaman is and a look at the shamanic tale of Taliesin. Practical Druidic shamanic tools are shared, along with the very important basic tools of how to raise your own energy and power and how to create sacred space. The importance of the world tree and the need for balance reoccurs throughout the book.

I have worked with Shamanism for a number of years and as such it was fascinating to read Forest Danu's Druid Shamanism whilst comparing and contrasting it to my own form. Of particular interest to me was the section on divination and as with other areas of shamanism, it was interesting to read about divination from a Druid perspective. As someone who has recently become a student of the OBOD I also enjoyed her explanations of some of the myths, legends and figures that accompany Druidry.

"This is a well researched book, written by someone who clearly has both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The book is also well referenced and has a good reading list for follow up reading. I would highly recommend Druid Shamanism to anyone with any interest in Shamanism in general and in particular Celtic and Druid Shamanism. "
Yvonne Ryves author 'web of life- guidance for you life journey' 

"Unique and wonderful. Really enjoyed this unique and deep take on Druidry from a shamanic perspective. Readers will be given everything they need to dive right into these practices in a meaningful way that will surely help seekers grow in their path. Very easy to read and informative."
David Salisbury author 'the deep heart of witchcraft'.
Nature Spirits
Wyrd Lore & Wild Fey Magic

by Danu Forest
Illustrated by Dan Goodfellow
Wooden Books, Ltd.

Review by Linda Iles in the Fellowship of Isis Magazine, 
'The Mirror of Isis'


naturecoverThe publisher Wooden Books has put out a collection of ‘pocket guides’ on various interesting subjects. “Nature Spirits” is part of this series. The book is beautifully presented, a paperback edition printed on sepia toned laid finish paper for an ‘old world’ look. The printing is done in a complimentary dark brown ink, title on the cover in silvery iridescent letters. The overall effect is very striking in attractiveness. An added bonus - the materials for the book are entirely recycled.

The content consists of entries on over twenty seven different aspects of nature and faery lore, as well as an Introduction and an Appendix titled “Magical Miscellany, tools and techniques” all written by Celtic shaman Danu Forest.  Titles of some of the sections within the book include “The Web of the Wyrd,” “Spirit Doors” and “The Great Goddess”. The four elements are represented with additional succeeding entries on various aspects of the spirits and the magic that is associated with them. Even though the book is small and meant to be used as a pocket guide, the work within it is filled with information that is enjoyable and beautifully presented. Within its pages you will learn more about ‘Spirits of the Candle Flame’ (Kind Fire) and the opalescent beings mentioned by A.E. (George Russell) in ‘Faeries - the Strange and Shining Sidhe.’ The written material covers a wide range within the chosen subject and provides detailed information, along with conveying a sense of true personal experience. The book is alive with a spirit that can only be infused on the page by loving surety derived from actual devotional practice.

One of my personal favorite entries is titled “Birds and Bird Spirits.” Here is a sample passage: “Poised and precise, the eyes of the hawk and the spirit of the eagle are helpers of shamans across the world, teaching spirit flight to the upper realms. Celtic bards wore swan feather cloaks, called tugen, as objects of power for this purpose …”

An added bonus in this delightful book is the artwork of faery artist Dan Goodfellow. The beauty and magic of his work adds to the exquisite quality of this book. The matching of this artist and author is seamless. Every entry is graced with an accompanying full page illustration and very often an illustration in the form of a border below the written entry.  It is certain that more is to come from both this author and this artist. Work of this quality will not go unnoticed.

Review from Touchstone
  order of bards ovates and druids 
jan 11

The Solstice treat this year was an offering from  'Wooden Books': I mean, what's not to like? Rather like OBOD members they are immediately attractive, beautifully proportioned, tasteful and of good quality (recycled), fascinating on a variety of subjects and copiously illustrated. The authors are acknowledged in their field, and this latest by Danu Forest, is an ideal introduction to the subject. In the W.B.
standard 58 page format she covers all aspects of Nature Spirits from the viewpoint of a Celtic Shaman, including short sections on sacred exchange, Devas, places of power, faeries, families, familiars, guardians and guides, spirits of the elements, the winds… in short, the enspirited natural world, and therefore ideal fodder for the thinking Druid. This pocket guide is a great introduction, and holds its own as
a useful reference, drawing from myth and legend from wide-ranging sources as well as  native lore from our Celtic heritage. And, not least, Danu is a good, fluent writer. From the introduction, 'In the wild
Welsh hills  and the craggy cliff-tops of the Highlands, the splendour of nature cries out for all to hear. In such places it is easy to sense the spirits of stone,river and tree. Explorers of the Otherworlds know…' she extols the importance of making relationship with the other-than-human kingdoms, and is convincing: and in Dan Goodfellow - former T’stone cover contributor - she has a worthy illustrator.
I suspect that Wooden Books, attractive and reasonably priced, were designed to be given as presents. Buy this for someone and have a crafty read first - it’ll end up staying on your own shelf!

5.0 out of 5 stars witchy booklet, 11 April 2010
This review is from: Nature Spirits: Wyrd Lore and Wild Fey Magic (Wooden Books Gift Book) (Paperback)

As a modernd ay hedge witch, I started collecting interesting books, these, are lovely, the first one I got was this, I just love the front and all the stuff inside!


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