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Flower Power

Vibrational essences from Avalon

For healing transformation magic and empowerment.

Flower Power vibrational essences are the subtle energetic vibrations of plants, powers of place, crystals and other nature spirits lovingly held in Glastonbury red and white spring water. The unique energetic qualities of living spring water allow these nature spirits to transmute and extend their energies into it to be shared with humans, animals and all other living things for their wellbeing and empowerment.


“The day I started taking the essence blend I felt a profound shift. The effect was immediate and sustained.”  Sonia Guinnessey- storyteller & drama therapist.


These essences are different to other vibrational essences as they are made entirely in unison with the nature spirits, devas etc involved and cause no harm whatsoever to their physical sources, using only the life force and living matter. No flowers, leaves etc are ever cut in their production. As these essences are respectfully made entirely with spirit cooperation and direction each one is unique and contains the full power and intelligent assistance of its source. They have not been made as commercial products but as an extension of the unity between all beings and the loving expression of nature, to love, heal and support all her children.

Flower Power essences can be used to heal physical mental emotional and spiritual bodies, as well as assisting your spiritual path and magical workings, communion and attunement. They can also be easily used to help and heal children, animals and environments of all kinds, for the highest good.  A form of shamanic plant spirit medicine, as the vibrational patterns of the nature spirits align with your own, or wherever they are used, they gently and harmlessly draw wounded and imbalanced energies back to a state of balance harmony and health. They also infuse the energy field with the loving and vibrant energy of nature, encouraging connection, alignment and inspiration. 

Flower Power essences are available direct from me. For more info please email me at danu@danuforest.co.uk or go to www.flowerpoweressences.co.uk.

copyright Danu Forest 10. 


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