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Living the wheel of the year.

Witchcraft, druidry and paganism as spiritual practice.

with Danu Forest.

The ever turning wheel of the year from autumn, through winter spring and summer marks not only the changes of the seasons, but the ever evolving spiral of our spiritual journey, through this life and beyond. The wheel of the year takes us through the tales and traditions of our gods and ancestors into an ever deepening relationship with all the forces that surround us, of spirit, and nature Herself.

In this course online correspondence course of 8 installments you will:

Be guided through the eight seasonal pagan festivals- the solstices and equinoxes and the four lunar sabbats of Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain.

Learn to create or improve your own sacred space.

Align with the unique energies of each seasonal festival.

Become proficient at creating your own seasonal ceremonies and celebrations.

Learn ancient lore, crafts, recipes charms chants and spells relevant to each festival. 

In the weeks before each festival you will receive a detailed lesson covering traditional lore, crafts and recipes as well as myths and traditions, and both energetic and magical exercises to support you in creating your own meaningful ceremony, as well as aligning with the energies of the season.

You will also receive in depth on-line personalised support so that you can discuss your needs and aspirations about celebrating the wheel of the year, and how to deepen your practice in a way that is relevant to you. 

By the end of the course you will have effectively celebrated and honoured all eight seasonal celebrations and completed a full wheel of the year, deepening your practice and spiritual seasonal awareness, gaining confidence and new insights, in a way that is relevant to you and your own experience and needs, This is a fun, hands on and enjoyable course, suitable for beginners and those already 'seasoned' alike.

As this course is seasonally based, you will receive a lesson via email approximately every eight weeks. The course can begin at any time of the year, and each of the eight lessons will be sent to you in time to work with the course materials during the next approaching festival.


Cost £120. Installment plans available upon request.

Danu Forest has been a Witch, Celtic Shaman and Priestess for over 20 years, as well as a distinguished magical teacher.

Please note Danu is not accepting students for this course at this time. If you would like to study with her in the coming months please email danu@danuforest.co.uk

Blessed Be!


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